Our ultimate concern is the health and safety of our patients. A comfortable environment is provided alongside full medical monitoring, to insure the highest level of security for each individual undergoing ibogaine treatment, this includes preparation, detoxification, and integration.

The idea of ibogaine therapy can seem frightening for people new to this medicine.  We employ a proficient, experienced medical team, who provide a family-like atmosphere. Our staff is empathetic and compassionate and we focus on catering to individual's needs, rather than forcing a set program or set of ideas for our clients to follow. We are with you every step of your journey, always ensuring your comfort and safety, and making sure your individual needs are met. 

At Revelations, we are confident that you’ll feel energized from the epic elements that envelop your world. We view your treatment as a positively transformative and therapeutic experience. We offer unwavering attention - medically and therapeutically - throughout the entire process including the integration phase. All clients are pre-screened, screened upon arrival, medically monitored throughout their entire treatment, and monitored afterwards. We have followed the guidelines for medical protocols and acquiring medical supplies from the Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance. We combine this with the experience of our medical staff and Shea Prueger's extensive ibogaine experience beginning in 2011. Safety is Ibogaine Revelation's number one priority throughout your ibogaine treatment.

Pre-screening Procedures

To avoid possible complications with ibogaine therapy, each patient must meet the health requirements necessary to assure a positive outcome following treatment. This is a process and step we take seriously when accepting clients. Please contact us directly for more information or to start the process.


Length of Treatment

Ibogaine treatments generally last between 24 and 36 hours. Our medical monitoring begins 24 hours prior to treatment and 72 hours following. 

Our clients typically stay at our facility for a total of seven to fourteen days (we also factor in length of travel time to us, to insure you are in the optimal position to begin a treatment). We also offer the option of prolonging recovery, integration, introspection, and self-discovery time with a variety of extended stay options. Those seeking treatment for alcohol, nicotine, amphetamines, and long acting opiates may need longer stays.


Addiction Interruption

Ibogaine treatment allows one to liberate themselves from the depths of narcotic dependency from various addictive substances. We successfully offer opiate addiction interruption - this includes heroin, morphine, oxycodone, methadone, suboxone, kratom, tramadol, and various prescription opioids and opiates. Ibogaine is most notably known for it's ability to alleviate 90-100% of withdrawal symptoms from opiates, twenty minutes to an hour after ingestion.

We also offer amphetamine addiction interruption. This is a growing problem in the east and includes methamphetamine, cocaine, Adderall, and other stimulants. We recommend a 10-14 day stay for amphetamine treatments and look forward to discussing this with you in depth. 

We have protocols in place to assist with alleviating tobacco and nicotine addiction, which we offer with low-wave dosing or flood dosing followed by micro-dosing. Please speak to us directly so that we can discuss what will work best for you.

We also offer treatment for alcohol addiction. However, this treatment is highly individualized and sometimes requires a longer stay.

We also work with poly-drug users, prescription pharmaceutical and medication users, food, gambling, and other addictions. Please speak to us about your specific addiction/s so we can best assist and guide you for a safe treatment. 


One of the most popular reasons for ibogaine treatment in current times is psychological introspection therapy. Among the patients that fall into this category are individuals seeking treatment for chronic depression, PTSD, chronic fatigue syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), bi-polar, pain and nerve damage management, fibromyalgia, general anxiety disorders, and other mental ailments that effect one's ability to live as their true self. We offer a seven day psycho-therapeutic ibogaine treatment program (extended stay options also available). Psycho-therapeutic treatments also cover those seeking introspection and clarity in themselves and their lives, or those who have decided they want to experience what ibogaine has to offer. A psycho-therapeutic treatment offers a deep and profound method of healing and self-discovering, reflection, and rejuvenation. We all have shadow selves, layers of false identifications, and deep emotional trauma and layers to shed. We feel it is hard to cover all of this information in text and prefer to speak organically on the phone (or one of our many other methods of communication) for one to decide if we are a good fit for your psycho-therapeutic treatment. 

Extended Stay Options

Our treatment center is pleased to host a well rounded staff with many skill sets that cater to individual's needs pre and post ibogaine treatment.  We want to cater to everyone's individual needs for healing and are developing longer stays for those interested.

For those in need of a longer and more focused integration and aftercare, we are excited to offer a 10 day, 14 day, or 21 day extended stay program. These programs focus on further revitalizing and healing of the mind and body. The individual's particular desires and needs are always a priority in detailing their aftercare.

Extended stay packages are individually modified to most optimally accommodate the person or loved one seeking further assistance and help with the integration period post-ibogaine.

Extended stay is not exclusive to addiction interruption sessions. We also tailor programs for further spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental development following one's ibogaine therapy for psycho-spiritual and therapeutic sessions. 

We would love to talk more with you about our extended stay program and our alternatives outside of our center. Please contact us directly for more information!