Opiate Addiction and Ibogaine

Ibogaine is most notable for it’s ability to interrupt opiate withdrawal symptoms. Opiate withdrawal symptoms from heroin, oxycodone, kratom, fentanyl, suboxone, methadone, and other precription opiates are 90-100% eradicated within an hour of ingesting ibogaine. We tailor your ibogaine session to the rate you individually metabolize opiates utilizing what we call the staircase method of ibogaine dosing.

Much of ibogaine’s neurobiological actions are unclear in the scientific community. However, we do know ibogaine and it’s metabolite noribogaine agonize the mu and kappa receptor sites. Ibogaine is not a heat seeking missile. It is incredibly user friendly and conveniently stops by the pleasure receptors while it also saturates other systems of the brain.

Many people speak of a “reset” of the pleasure receptors when speaking about ibogaine treatment. This refers to ibogaine and noribogaine’s unique ability to eliminate withdrawal symptoms, tolerance, and chemical memory of an opiate addiction within 36-72 hours. Most opiate users who undergo ibogaine therapy speak of being liberated from physical and mental symptoms of an opiate addiction. Ibogaine’s ability to reset an opiate user’s tolerance effectively allows neural functions to once again operate with efficiency, specifically related to a feeling of well being and the regulation of one’s mood.

Our goal at Ibogaine Revelations is to have you walk out of your ibogaine session feeling revitalized and refreshed.