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Detox and addiction interruption

We invite you to join our two week dependency detox retreat. Combining healing modalities from the eastern and western world, we individually tailor our programs to each client, with a cohesive umbrella to connect the retreat and participants. Clients will undergo a “prep” time before they arrive to insure the least amount of stress and physical taxation during the initial detox process. We believe detox is the most important part of the learning experience and healing journey, but we do strive to keep you comfortable. Post detox, clients will move on to the rejuvenation part of our retreat. Shadow selves dissolve during this time and natural energy levels rise. If you have already detoxed or completed an ibogaine treatment and are looking for more therapy and continued care we invite you to learn about our aftercare retreats.

We use a variety of healing modalities to help get you through your initial detox period, once you have completed your prep with us. These methods include working with licensed Chinese medicine doctors who are skilled with eastern and western medicine and use certified eastern herbal solutions, acupuncture, and counseling sessions. We also utilize our own herbal concoctions that we make at home.

Founder Shea Prueger has trained under Erika Florianova in pilates, energy work, and therapy work with our subconscious. Some of these tools are applied on a case to case basis.

We are advocates for the Refuge Recovery program and meetings and can point you to them if they are located close to home. We participate in an online SMART recovery group for individuals who have gotten to the other side of addiction using a non-12 step approach. We recognize that the 12 Step approach is not right for everyone and we are committed to helping you find your path. Our package includes an eight session one on one therapy program with a substance abuse therapist. Our clients will begin their first session before arriving, their second session during the retreat, and will continue sessiouns from their own home. Therapy sessions may be extended upon completion of our package. Please inquire with us to set up a consultation with the therapist we work with.

We are excited to also work with people who have already detoxed. We will focus on SMART Recovery principles, Refuge Recovery principles, regaining one’s power, and overall wellness and integration into a non addicted state. We offer counseling and various therapies to help each individual work through trauma and shedding compulsive tendencies. We offer structure and many practices that participants can continue to aid them when they return home.

We employ other techniques such as:

  • Ocean therapy (a therapy pioneered by Shea Prueger): we assess your skill level and introduce you to a breath work practice to prep your body for the ocean. We start everyone with tide pools and walled in sea pools with a snorkel, mask, and fins. This is an individualized course meant to put you face to face with your fight or flight response. Shea Prueger has completed two rescue and safety diving courses. We teach you how to set this response aside to achieve a meditative and in control state. We take some participants in the open water. A manta ray snorkel, boat tour, coral reef snorkel, and swimming with dolphins are some of the options we have towards the end of our retreat.

  • Bodywork: we work with licensed bodywork professionals to establish a therapeutic mind-body connection. These professionals help with your alignment, sense of well being, and give you tips on how to continue your overall health and comfort at home.

  • Energy healing through various bodywork methods: we have a specialist who integrates her bodywork with your overall mental and emotional state of being to help you achieve peace.

  • Ecstatic Dance: we attend a drug and alcohol free Sunday morning expressive dance party, meant to unite you with your body.

  • Massage: our massage therapists are licensed and offer different types of massage. Deep tissue massage is a favorite among those individuals recovering from a taxing detox.

  • Volcanic hot spring soaks: we have access to private and public volcanic hot and warm springs to help you relax and absorb restorative minerals.

  • Float tank therapy: submerged in 1000 pounds of Epsom salts in a capsule that utilizes sensory deprivation a lot of our participants reach a dream state during their time in the tank. Magnesium salts are best absorbed through the skin and have countless benefits. Chronic pain and illness sufferers have noted alleviated symptoms after floating.

  • Life coaching: one on one life coaching to help you get to the root of your being and employ positive changes in your life at home.

  • Yoga (restorative, yin yoga, and Ashtanga): We are big advocates for Ashtange yoga. In our experience, those suffering from dependency issues benefit from a daily healthy ritual. Ashtanga yoga is an athletic form of yoga that is a true meditation through movement. Yin yoga is an intense, yet simple practice that any skill level will benefit from. Yin yoga is often used to release deep seeded trauma. Restorative yoga is a great practice to introduce new comers to yoga and those who may still feel weak or those who suffer from injuries.

  • Breath work: We are advocates for the Wim Hof breath work practice. Wim Hof is a deep and intense practice that has numerous physical benefits. It can be practiced at home once the basic principles are learned. We also utilize simplified breath work techniques beneficial to repairing lungs and centering the mind.

  • Meditation with our Zen Buddhist counselor: We have a led Zen meditation practice. We also practice Vipassana.

  • Sound therapy also by our Zen Buddhist counselor: Sound therapy is used in many ceremonial practices and retreats. Our sound therapy is an approach designed by a resident staff member who is hired throughout the country to help heal individuals with their emotional state.

  • Art therapy by co-founder Ben Witmer, a professional fine artist: Get in touch with your creative side. Art therapy is a psychotherapy approach to help individuals therapeutically express themselves. It’s a great technique that can be continued at home.

  • Local, healthy, and a plant based diet - with classes to teach you how to continue a balanced and restorative diet at home: We utilize a nutrient rich, plant based diet. We eat locally with a sustainable approach. We will teach you how to garden, how to shop for healthy food without breaking the bank, and how to cook simple, yet delicious and healthy meals.

  • One on one therapy with a substance abuse therapist: a package deal for eight therapy sessions with a therapist who will work with you when you return home: We collaborate with a therapist who offers eight therapy sessions via the phone, video calling, or in person depending on location. They will speak with you before you arrive, while you are here, and will continue the sessions once you leave. You may choose to continue the one on one therapy when you are home and finished with the package.

  • Integration techniques and practices: Integrating into the world we all live in without substance use is a challenge. We tailor our integration to the life you are heading back to.

  • Neuro point therapy: This is a deep and often intense therapy that director Shea Prueger was taught by psychotherapist Erika Florianova. This therapy helps individuals with physical pain and trauma. It utilizes aspects of acupressure.

  • Plant, jungle, and forest integration: We are surrounded by eleven out of the thirteen climate zones. Let us help get you grounded and in touch with your most pure self. We individually tailor our outdoor activities and time based upon your personality, experience, and preferences. This is a once in a lifetime spot with endless outdoor opportunities.

  • Hung Gar: Hung Gar is a form of Kung Fu and is great at helping individuals channel anger, angst, and misplaced feelings. We have an accomplished Sifu who leads small classes. This is a great introduction to the world of martial arts. It is also great at getting your body back into shape. Learn how to center your energy and use it postively.

  • Acupuncture: We work with two Chinese medicine doctors who use acupuncture to help restore balance to the body. They are available to help with continued care moving forward, as well.

Substance dependency is difficult on the body. We offer a holistic approach to comfortably break the cycle of addiction. Please contact us and set up a time for an intake call. We pre-screen all of our clients to insure we are a good fit for what each person needs. We have a list of referral treatment centers for those individuals we feel would benefit most from a different program. We also require a few medical tests to confirm placement in one of our retreats.

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Please contact us!

Retreats are highly structured with periods to relax. We individually tailor our approach to each client and what we feel will suit them best for the long haul.