opiate addiction

East meets West by I Begin Again

Ibogaine Revelations has recently had successful sessions with long term SSRI dependency, Suboxone, PTSD, general anxiety disorder, and prescription opioids. We have a general standard preparation protocol for each substance or reason for seeking out treatment, but we also tailor each protocol to meet your individual needs. We are now employing a nicotine cessation protocol due to recent demand and interest.

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Moving in, signing a lease, navigating Cambodia. by I Begin Again

It is our first night in the center and our emotions are all over the place. We are excited, restless, ready to work, and also exhausted. We invite you to take a look at some of our photos, feel free to ask for more photos, and contact us for any questions you might have about ibogaine treatment whether it be for opiate addiction, addiction interruption of any kind, or an introspective psycho-therapeutic session. 

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Cambodia Daily shut down, a nation of healing. by I Begin Again

Cambodia is a country that went through unimaginable horror up until about 1998. It is a country that is healing and one can feel that healing while walking down the weaving roads. However, the people here are kind, they smile, and they treat you with respect. When it comes to an ibogaine treatment, we are all on our own journey. We all need to heal and we all need to remember to smile. I feel like South East Asia and ibogaine are a very good match for everyone involved.

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