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Moving in, signing a lease, navigating Cambodia. by I Begin Again

It is our first night in the center and our emotions are all over the place. We are excited, restless, ready to work, and also exhausted. We invite you to take a look at some of our photos, feel free to ask for more photos, and contact us for any questions you might have about ibogaine treatment whether it be for opiate addiction, addiction interruption of any kind, or an introspective psycho-therapeutic session. 

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So this is how a blog works... by I Begin Again

I'm dazed and jet lagged. Tuk Tuk drivers are yelling after me down the street. Offering me rides to temples, "smoke-smoke", and anything a person could want or not want. I keep walking. SE Asia can be a healing place or your worst nightmare. Pick your own adventure. I'm here to help flip the switch for the people who feel stuck or need a reset. 

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