East meets West / by I Begin Again

A few treatments are now completed since the passing of my mentor and partner, Lex Kogan. A few treatments without him by my side or him to call for reassurance or advice. It was an emotional experience, but liberating. Lex, your presence was most definitely felt. I felt more calm and less stressed than ever before. And I thank Lex for that. I thank him for everything he taught me. 

Ibogaine Revelations is restructuring the standard model of ibogaine treatment centers as we move to a sustainable and more individualized method of working with the medicine. We will not be confined to the eastern or western hemisphere, but will pre-book for both in a few locations. Please contact us to discuss our next available dates and locations. We encourage psycho-therapeutic sessions to book in advance if you have a preference in the east or west. We encourage those on SSRIs, mood stabilizers, and long acting opiates to contact us in advance; in order for us to best meet your needs. 

Ibogaine Revelations has recently had successful sessions with long term SSRI dependency, Suboxone, PTSD, general anxiety disorder, and prescription opioids. We have a general standard preparation protocol for each substance or reason for seeking out treatment, but we also tailor each protocol to meet your individual needs. We are now employing a nicotine cessation protocol due to recent demand and interest. Lex Kogan and I developed the protocol awhile back and you may read some quick thoughts about it here.

It has been a difficult couple of months feeling the absence of Lex Kogan, but the work continues, and it's continued with my boyfriend who has learned quickly and has offered endless support. We look forward to hearing from you!