Moving forward and remembering Lex Kogan. / by I Begin Again

We have taken a break in sessions due to the tragic passing of my best friend, mentor, and business partner Lex Kogan. I can't believe it's been 33 days that I've walked around on this planet without him. Any delayed response to messages, lack of updates on this webpage, etc. have been due to this tragedy. In the last month I have found myself in Cambodia, America, and Costa Rica. It's been a busy, sad, stressful, and heartfelt time of self-exploration and finding the courage to continue this work and life without him. I've spent a lot of time shedding layers of self-identification, dealing with feelings of anger towards the world, and navigating a path truly on my own while battling what can only be the adrenal fatigue Lex complained about on a regular basis! I find myself wanting to email, message, or call him almost daily with a story, question, general life complaint, or joke. The absence of this being an option has probably the been the hardest truth to accept. 

However, we are now pre-booking treatments for our next available dates. Due to the ebb and flow of ibogaine requests, Ibogaine Revelations will remain based out of South East Asia, but we will also be available to take treatments in the west. We advise for you to book ahead of time as we are building a more stable and sustainable approach to the functioning of an ibogaine center. Please contact us for more information using our inquiry form or emailing myself (Shea Prueger) directly. Spots are more limited due to a heavier screening process, a focus on more individualized treatments, and a focus on more time off for the staff of Ibogaine Revelations. 

Additionally and more importantly, we are over halfway to our goal with the gofundme I helped create with Lex's sisters to help his wife and two very young daughters. Please check the page out for more information. Lex taught me everything I know and Ibogaine Revelations is what it is because of him. He is missed dearly every single day by myself and all of the lives he positively impacted with his work with ibogaine and the friendships he carried across the world. 

Link for gofundme is below: