Moving in, signing a lease, navigating Cambodia. / by I Begin Again

Everything in America is immediate or one or two steps away. People vocally ask a question to their phone and have answers, taxi rides, solutions, etc. within seconds. South East Asia is a bit different. Navigating SE Asia as an American requires a lot of creative thinking, or just thinking in general. One needs to use problem solving skills, lots and lots of patience, and Google cannot always be relied on. Not at all. 

I came out here to help Mark Lader open up his dream ibogaine center. I'm familiar with Asia and the ways of the east, but it always takes a minute to adjust. Ben Witmer arrived this morning and he offers a perspective and skill set that I could never learn and a skill set that I think is needed at a lot of centers. So. After a week of navigating off beaten roads, country sides, and scam websites, we sat down and signed a lease for our dream spot. It took awhile as we went back and forth over several clauses, but the lease is signed and we moved in this evening. 

And what does this all mean? Yes. We are open for business. We have five bedrooms with five bathrooms, several common areas, dining rooms, and lots of outdoor space. You are welcome to come and experience the ibogaine treatment we have to offer. We are excited to be in Cambodia. It's a tranquil and less westernized alternative to Thailand, but close enough to still be an international hub to so many places. Cambodia is in good vicinity to Australia, where ibogaine is a scheduled and illegal substance. It is also an affordable flight away from the European countries it is also illegal in. We are also aware that Americans are traveling over here, so it's a second option the treatment centers in Central America.

It is our first night in the center and our emotions are all over the place. We are excited, restless, ready to work, and also exhausted. We invite you to take a look at some of our photos, feel free to ask for more photos, and contact us for any questions you might have about ibogaine treatment whether it be for opiate addiction, addiction interruption of any kind, or an introspective psycho-therapeutic session. 

Thanks for reading. We feel lucky to be here.