Cambodia Daily shut down, a nation of healing. / by I Begin Again

When I left South Africa to America it took me about a month to adjust. A month before the problems of America and the problems I had in America seemed just and legit. And then a point came where all of that seemed so crazy, annoying, anxiety ridden, and made me want to run. We all should be standing up for rights and humane treatment, but the fact that Americans can even stand up for these things, is quite amazing. Here I am in Cambodia, a place where I don't have to hear about Trump and all of the USA drama. However, as of yesterday, the only independent newspaper in the country was shut down by the government (headed by a former Khmer Rouge commander). So when you think about rights, protesting, what gets you upset, what really matters, and what you want to say, be grateful that those of you in America and other western countries have the ability to fight for those rights, have the ability to say what you want. Yes, Trump would love to silence our beloved newspapers, but he hasn't and he won't (the best he can do is call them "fake news" and hope one or two people believe him). But here, it was a cut and dry situation that no one could do anything about. Thank you Juliana Mulligan (another amazing ibogaine provider and advocate) for making me aware of the situation. 

Cambodia is a country that went through unimaginable horror up until about 1998. It is a country that is healing and one can feel that healing while walking down the weaving roads. However, the people here are kind, they smile, and they treat you with respect. When it comes to an ibogaine treatment, we are all on our own journey. We all need to heal and we all need to remember to smile. I feel like South East Asia and ibogaine are a very good match for everyone involved. I want to thank the people of Cambodia for letting me be here and I can't wait to show those of you coming for sessions just how special it is here.