Why we chose Cambodia... / by I Begin Again

I was brought out to Cambodia by my business partner - Mark Lader - who fell in love with Cambodia the first time he lived here a little over a year ago. When I first set up in Siem Reap, I found myself missing aspects of Thailand and past traveled places. However, after a recent medical supply run to Thailand, I was surprised and elated that upon arriving back to our neighborhood and center, how at home I felt. Both myself and staff member Ben Witmer immediately let out an audible sigh of relief. We felt peaceful and comfortable, excited to be home and to breathe fresh air. This is when I truly realized that Cambodia was the perfect choice for an ibogaine center.

Ibogaine is a schedule I substance in America. In order to work with it, I have to be an expat. I want to give back to the areas that allow me to pursue my work and passion and Cambodia is perfect for that. I am working with an NGO here that educates orphans and the disadvantaged in the Angkor Wat area. We have set up our finances so that we can treat Khmer addiction interruption treatments for free. Cambodia is allowing us to do our work and in return we will give back to the community as much as we are able. We are so grateful to be in a place where we can legitimately work and give back to our newfound community. 

Due to the misconception of Cambodia's current state of safety for foreign tourists and the immediate correlation people still draw between the Khmer Rouge and Cambodia, I took the time to create a new page on our site solely about why we chose Siem Reap, Cambodia for our ibogaine treatment center. I took the time to address safety concerns, details about our location (and relocation from Thailand), and how we feel in Cambodia. Please check it out and contact us with any more questions or concerns you our your loved ones may have.