End of monsoon season. / by I Begin Again

A week of heavy rains has flooded Siem Reap. We are very fortunate that our property has working drainage, we are one of the few not living in standing water. We have had a couple of motorbike tip overs (I really thought I could get a weeks worth of groceries home on my motorbike through the flooding). Luckily, the three of us (all Ibogaine Revelations staff) who all were knocked over separately in the (exact) same spot down the road from us suffered no injuries. However, one spill did mess up our bike a little bit. Neighbors nearby rushed to wake up a mechanic who fixed our bike for free -- we had to force money on him for his time and effort. It's a good feeling to feel like we are becoming part of the neighborhood!

We have hired an experienced OR nurse from Taipei for a trial run in November and December. Our art studio keeps getting supplies and ideas for our art therapy program. We have a Qi Gong instructor on staff and are searching out local yoga and meditation instructors, as well. Things are shaping up and we feel very optimistic. We have our first few bookings lined up and couldn't be more thrilled to share our space with them. 

We took a prospective client out with us to Beng Mealea this weekend and it was a beautiful experience. It was also such a small part of what this area has to offer. 

Last week, Ben Witmer (our creative director, maintenance godsend, and chef) and I survived and were successful in Bangkok on a medical supply run (all while he was at the end of a debilitating run of food poisoning). A trip that seemed daunting and tedious, we overcame with teamwork and persistence. Our trip to Thailand was great and full of nostalgia and good friends. Arriving home to Siem Reap was surreal as it felt like home. Our arrival to Cambodia left me feeling completely solidified that I made the right choice in moving our ibogaine treatment center location. Cambodia is the perfect tranquil and even safer option to Thailand. We are far enough away from the city to feel completely immersed in nature, but close enough to have everything we need to run our business safely and efficiently. We can't wait for more people to come and spend time with us, experience their ibogaine treatments in our space.

I want to thank Cambodia for allowing us to be here. I want to thank our neighbors for being so hospitable and helping us out when needed -- even when we temporarily damage our motorbike. Cambodia, you are winning my heart quite quickly. 

Photos of our trip to Beng Mealea, a temple on the Ankor Wat site that has been left for the jungle to take over posted below.