New members of the Ibogaine Revelations: Asia family! / by I Begin Again

New members of the Ibogaine Revelations: Asia family!

This week has been full of mixed emotions. We are excited and full of love, but also stressed and overwhelmed. About two weeks ago, we rescued Monsoon, a kitten who was being kicked out of a restaurant (she was allegedly harassing customers for food) as flooding on the street increased (the street that would have taken her back to the temple she was taking shelter in). We saw some dead kittens as the flooding was moving up and down and it broke our hearts. So when I saw Monsoon being tossed to the floods, I threw her in my backpack and brought her home. We believe she is a manx kitten and aside from the spinal issues that can come with manx cats that are completely without a tail, she's a handful, but super fun. .

I found out about Lindy (who we have renamed Tsunami) through a vet here after rescuing Monsoon. Tsunami was being housed by a wonderful woman who helps many of the strays and injured animals in the area. However, with the 9 animals she currently is taking care of, she could not give Tsunami the attention she needed. 36 hours ago we adopted her. So, Meet Tsunami (formerly Lindy). Tsunami's story is heartbreaking and we hope you check out her GoFundMe page to read her story, help is definitely needed for us to help her fully recover properly and in good time.

From her GoFundMe page:

"...only about 4 to 5 months old - was found dragging herself around at a school at Tropeang Touk village, Sotr Nikum district (Siem Reap, Cambodia) on September 29. Rescuers were advised that she was injured when a tractor ran over her, about a month previously. No medical attention had been sought. When brought to Siem Reap Veterinary Care the same day, it was determined by a vet assistant that one leg was functional, but the pup had appeared to prefer to drag both legs rather than use the good one. Now the muscles on that leg have atrophied - which will require regular physiotherapy until recovered to normality. She needed to have an X-ray to determine the extent of the injury, which happened on October 2. 'The X-rays show no damage to the spine, but that her hip was dislocated and that she would require orthopedic surgery to repair it.' Later advice was that 'the hip joint was broken in the accident and needs the head of the femur removed for her leg to be pain free and able to be used again'...Lindy also has Anaplasmosis, a tick-borne disease, for which she will require ongoing medication."

As an update: our vet has decided to try and heal her without surgery first, which is why we have both legs in splints and regular physical therapy will be so imperative right now.

The Ibogaine Revelations staff made a unanimous decision to take on the challenge of helping her recover and give her a home. Tsunami needs a lot of physical therapy, medical attention and care. I am 100% committed to helping her with physical therapy and anything else in my skill set. The rest of our staff is committed to giving her attention, love, and taking care of her basic needs. Ben Witmer is attempting to create physical therapy devices (from whatever we have laying around the center). These devices will hopefully help her learn how to walk again, sit correctly, build muscle, build back muscle memory, help her put her paws down on the ground again...and the list goes on. However, Ben's first project is working on a dog diaper (she has temporary incontinence) for when she sleeps and for while she is active and in "puppy mode" Because of the way she drags her back legs, it's incredibly difficult to get something to stay on. He is already building harnesses and experimenting (lots of fine-tuning is still needed at the moment though). Ben is an innovative genius when it comes to just about anything that involves creating with his hands, but we are working with limited tools and supplies we have here at the center. Also, this is something he has never had to even think about before! So, thank you, Ben Witmer.

Tsunami is a puppy and expected to fully recover with the right care. She is super smart, playful, full of energy and so desperately wants to have the "puppy-hood" that has been taken away from her. She's a sweetheart who mainly needs love and support, like so many of us do. She has already bonded with us and has major separation anxiety if anyone leaves a room, she's a real heartbreaker.

We understand the challenge we are taking on, but we know it will be so worth the results. The woman who fostered her set up a go fund me account. She is currently in the process of attempting to change ownership of the account, so we do not lose money in wire transfer fees and currency exchange rates as she is Australian. Cambodia uses USD, so there would be no exchange rate for us here). However, money donated to the GoFundMe WILL reach us whether we are able to change ownership or not. However, I also have Paypal for anyone who wants something more direct and immediate to reach us - would be all you needed to send to us. We would love to track her progress through FB and Instagram and let everyone see how she is doing. We will save receipts, etc. to show where the donations are specifically going.

Our money has been allocated to opening up our center. We do have treatments booked (which we are THRILLED about) - but are going through the necessary steps to legitimately run a business in Cambodia and it will be a bit of time before we have an income (and even longer before that income turns into any profit). Our hearts are full of love adding Tsunami and Monsoon to the ibogaine family, but it is also stressful and overwhelming as we want to provide them with the best care possible. We definitely have the ability to keep them well fed and their basic needs taken care of. However, Tsunami is a HUGE commitment with lots and lots of medical needs and her GoFundMe will help speed up her recovery and insure she gets the care she needs. She has many upcoming costs: tools and materials to build physiotherapy devices (or buy the devices if we can find them), supplies to help her (temporary) incontinence not be a constant issue, supplies to help her be comfortable, vet visits, medications, vaccinations, and a possible surgery or two (of course we are hoping for no surgery!), etc. etc. There is only one legitimate vet in Siem Reap - who we trust and is great - she is a foreigner and the real deal and therefore, quite expensive. Also, for anyone who might have extra dog toys or anything that might help us, please contact us directly. We have a P.O. Box that you should ship to.

As we continue to fine tune the final stages of our ibogaine center, finish business registration and work permits, and wait for the arrival of our first set of patients, we have the time here at the center that she and Monsoon need for love and attention. We believe having two animals that have suffered insurmountable trauma will be incredibly therapeutic (as well as fun and loving) for our clients.

Attached are photos of Tsunami the day we adopted her and a photo of Monsoon (who has become quite attached to Ben). Please check out Tsunami's GoFundMe page for details on her injuries and her full story. Any donations of any kind (monetarily or care packages) will help her out so much and be greatly appreciated. We also invite you to pass this on, so we can reach a larger audience. Again, anything helps. Regardless, we will do our very best to heal and help her, to get her back on her feet, and offer her a healthy and therapeutic environment to live in, with the resources we have - whether it's cutting elastic bands off of boxers to create a harness (thank you, Ben), offering love and attention, and my ability to help with physical therapy. We definitely have the land and space perfect for a cat and dog (as well as clients!), check out the page on our website titled "our location" for photos.

Tsunami and Monsoon: welcome to the Ibogaine Revelations: Asia family. We are thrilled to have you both here and are committed to giving you the best lives possible. We are also excited for clients to meet and bond with these special beings. If you are a client with allergies, please let us know. We have multiple areas and houses on our property. Tsunami and Monsoon both have separate indoor spaces in separate houses, to insure that client rooms and common rooms are animal free. We want to be able to accommodate everyone. <3 <3 <3

It has been a very stressful and long first 36 hours, but Tsunami's demeanor has the power to win anyone over. Monsoon doesn't seem to be thrilled that we added to the family, but we are confident she will come around. ha!