New staff member. / by I Begin Again

I was at Wat Kesaram alone a couple of days ago. I asked a couple of people if they spoke English as I had questions about some of the things on the temple grounds, in particular - a shrine of human bones. A man walked up to me and mentioned to me that he spoke decent English and gave me a tour of the grounds. Tragically, the bones are some of the John and Jane Doe victims killed by the Khmer Rouge, mostly foreigners, bodies that were never identified. While he gave me a tour of the rest of the grounds, he mentioned that he had just moved to Siem Reap and was living on the temple grounds with the monks while he looked for a job. He told me he wanted to work with drug addiction. I asked what his qualifications were and he said he was a nurse. I was elated and told him I was in the process of looking for a qualified nurse. He then took me to his hut and showed me his diploma, college transcripts, and impressive resume. We invited him over the next day for an interview with our doctor and for him to see our place. He fit right in, possessed all the necessary skills to take care of our clients, but also showed an immense amount of compassion and empathy while speaking with us. Ret Roy will be living onsite at the center and working with us full time. We are excited to have him here! 

P.S. I used the only picture I had of him from his Facebook as I was excited to put him on our staff page. I will be updating with one of his professional photos in the next day or two!