Shea Prueger of Ibogaine Thailand and I Begin Again Costa Rica is excited to present “Revelations” a full service, integrative, medically supervised ibogaine treatment center focusing on longterm treatment and recovery in the heart of Cambodia. 

Explore the potential of total transformation and healing through the power of Ibogaine Therapy.

Our mission at Revelations is to provide a psychologically and emotionally healing experience in a comfortable, medically safe, and ambient environment.

At Revelations therapy center, our medical team supports a holistic ambiance with fully experienced medical expertise.  Ibogaine therapy offers a long term solution for individuals suffering from substance dependency, emotional trauma, along with many common mental disorders that are recognized as psychosomatic in origin. Please browse our site or contact us to find out more information for what we treat.

We work with opiate addiction (heroin and pharmaceutical opiates), suboxone and methadone addiction, kratom addiction, methamphetamine addiction, cocaine and amphetamine addiction, crack addiction, alcohol addiction, nicotine addiction and other substance dependencies. We also work with food related disorders and addictions, sex addiction, and gambling addiction. We work with trauma and mental affliction and disorders on a regular basis. We often work with PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, among others. Physical disorders such as fibromyalgia, peripheral nerve damage, and chronic pain are also afflictions we are able to tackle.

Our facility currently used laboratory tested ibogaine PTA and will continue to do so. We have used ibogaine hydrochloride (HCL) in the past and have found the PTA gives our clients the most optimal outcomes.  

Our ibogaine therapy program is unsurpassed in safety, comfort and quality care.

Ibogaine treatment centers around the world have been offering this unique and life changing experience in the west for 25 years with astonishing results.

In recent years, modern science is beginning to recognize and support the validity and importance of this type of therapy worldwide.

Indigenous cultures in West Africa have celebrated this medicine for centuries. The psycho-therapeutic introspection associated with the medicine has brought psychiatric attention worldwide to the core aspects of ibogaine therapy.

Scientific and medical communities continue to document the collective  results of  ibogaine’s novel use in addiction interruption along with its therapeutic effects when used as a tool for transpersonal growth and self exploration. 

Ibogaine is a naturally occurring alkaloid from the root bark of the west African shrub, tabernanthe iboga. In recent years, it has been celebrated for its ground breaking effect in addiction interruption, PTSD, asymptomatic depression, and fibromyalgia.

Its primary metabolite noribogaine act upon the pleasure receptors of the brain and fortify the nervous system through GABA regulation, endorphin initiation, and dopamine regulation. Ibogaine is also responsible for revitalizing the endocrine glandular function.

This coincides with a lymphatic drain while optimizing liver activity. The rapid eye movement phase initiated by significant doses of ibogaine brings about a cinematic life review allowing the release of past traumas embedded in personal history.

In many cases, the ibogaine induced psychological introspection leads to a deeper level of self understanding for the individual. The potential benefits derived from one session of ibogaine therapy have placed ibogaine in a unique and original position in psychiatric medicine in the world today.