Our aftercare program

We believe integration, finding a practice, utilizing activities and developing new skills, and continued therapies are some of the keys to optimal success after a detox. We are advocates for the SMART recovery and Refuge Recovery program. This is not a 12 step program. However, we recognize everyone needs something different and we are committed to joining and taking you to meetings (as well as practicing the steps and principles) if this method is what is right for the individual.

We firmly believe there is not a one correct way to heal from the cycle of addiction. We have created a large menu of options we have seen help our clients. We work with each individuals during our prep stage of treatment to come up with the most beneficial way to help you overcome your individualized addiction, trauma, and challenges in life. Honesty during our intake call is the key for optimal success and an optimal treatment plan. We include one on one therapy for every client we work with as we do believe that continued therapy has the potential to help everyone.

With a structured daily schedule that includes a daily intentional practice, meditation, therapy, skill development, healthy eating, and individualized time for introspection and integration, as well as time outdoors; we develop a plan to insure your success in your daily life and world. Our package includes eight therapy sessions with a therapist who will meet you by phone, video, or in person before you arrive, while you are here, and continues when you return home. Individuals may opt to continue therapy when they complete our included package deal. Our therapists are people who have overcome their own addiction and have gone to school for psychology.

Please see our detox retreat sample menu of retreat options to get an idea of what we do.