Why Cambodia? 

A day trip to Beng Mealea, chosen by visitors who wanted to visit part of the Angkor Wat Archaeological Site, but avoid the crowds of the main temples.  

A day trip to Beng Mealea, chosen by visitors who wanted to visit part of the Angkor Wat Archaeological Site, but avoid the crowds of the main temples.  


Siem Reap, Cambodia

We invite you to check out the USA state department travel site for Cambodia and also invite you to compare it to other popular destinations for ibogaine centers. The main risks in Siem Reap are pick-pockets and tourist scams. These are two things our clients do not need to worry about. Any trips to temples or outside of the center will be accompanied by at least one staff member and one of our two trusted Khmer drivers who are employed by us. We are about a fifteen minute drive to the city center (allowing us access to everything we need) and a twenty minute drive from the airport. Every client will be picked up by one of our drivers and a staff member. We are within fifteen minutes from Siem Reap's best hospital. Our center is equipped with all necessary emergency and non-emergency medical equipment. We acquired all medical supplies by following the recommendations from the Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance's medical equipment list. 

I've worked with ibogaine in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Thailand, and volunteered at a center in South Africa. Thailand and Costa Rica were my main full time projects. Central America is currently saturated with ibogaine centers (primarily in Mexico and Costa Rica). I love Central America and loved working and living there. However, I have a deep love and connection to numerous parts of Asia that I have not found elsewhere in the world since living in different parts of Asia on and off over the last twelve years. Asia needs ibogaine as much as the western world does. I am proud to offer a medically monitored center in Asia. South East Asia is an accessible spot to those in Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of Asia (such as China). It is an affordable flight from Europe. It is an alternative option to those in America and Canada who already have travel plans to Asia, want to experience South East Asia, and/or find us to be a good fit for their ibogaine treatment.

I have noticed an immediate concern and correlation to the Khmer Rouge and a fear that Cambodia is unsafe for foreigners while talking to prospective clients and their loved ones about ibogaine treatment with us in Cambodia. This is a false image of Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge's impact on it's citizens might take generations to subside in even the slightest way, but Cambodia itself is safe from those horrific days. I find it inspiring to see a country of people who have survived and continue to develop and evolve so quickly from the tragedy that came from the Khmer Rouge's reign. Cambodia is a safe travel spot for vacationers and backpackers. More and more people are traveling through Cambodia during their Asia travels (and beyond solely seeing Angkor Wat). Cambodia is diverse with expats and travelers, but less so than other hot spots in Asia. This has been a good balance and choice for our ibogaine treatment center.

We decided to relocate to Cambodia as opening and running a business in Thailand is tough as a foreigner for many logistical reasons. My love for Thailand is strong. However, during my time there I experienced a few USA state department travel warnings due to political instability that did effect my business. I experienced a couple of situations that I felt were unsafe and not conducive to an ibogaine treatment center. Thailand's saturation of tourists and partying made it hard to find a quiet space to operate that was still near an airport and a good hospital. I have found Siem Reap to be a tranquil and safe alternative to other parts of South East Asia, while still being an international hub and equally as easy place to travel to in comparison to other nearby countries. For example, Cambodia offers a thirty day visa upon arrival. It is not a difficult country to enter. 

Our ibogaine center is a fifteen minute drive to the city center. Yet, our property feels as if we are in the middle of nowhere - a mix of the country side and jungle. Clear night skies allow an amazing view of the solar system and constellations (I can't wait for the day we can add a telescope to the center) and wildlife noises of all kinds fill the air (rather than noises of tourists or traffic). We are surrounded by three nearby temples and are often woken up to monks chanting and singing early in the morning. Our most recent visitors described our center and land feeling like a vacation in itself. It's the perfect setting and ambiance for a place of restoration, self discovery, and healing. We are friends with our Khmer neighbors and have started to integrate and feel a part of the small community we have decided to reside in.

I am always ready and open to answer any questions about traveling to Cambodia, safety concerns in this part of the world, and any other questions that a prospective client or their loved ones may have about the location of our center. We understand that for our western clients, Cambodia feels (and is) very far away in comparison to other options. Please feel free to reach out for more information. Our staff is well traveled and we are all confident that this is the correct spot for a medically monitored ibogaine center in Asia. There is peace and tranquility here I have not found elsewhere. The locals are accommodating and friendly. Our property is beautiful, spacious, and feels restorative in itself. We hope that you reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have about Cambodia, South East Asia, traveling here, and/or our location. We also hope you get a chance to experience what we have all fallen in love with. Please visit our contact us page to get in touch with us about any questions or concerns you would like to discuss with us directly.