Ibogaine Treatment Center Location

Our ibogaine treatment center consists of two beautiful Southeast Asian style houses directly across from each other. In total we have six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, three common areas, a relaxation and quiet room, an outdoor bungalow with hammocks, covered porch area, outdoor and indoor dining room, two kitchens, a large area of land with several tables and benches, medical office and supply room, and an art studio. We have staff and clients staying in each house. Each house is equipped with comfortable common and relaxation areas to meet your needs. We have filtered and clean water from a well in both houses, a rarity in this part of SE Asia. We invite you to move around between our outdoor and indoor areas, choosing whether you need time to yourself or want to engage with the people and our program here. Please take a look at our photos! Additionally, we are always willing to video chat and answer your ibogaine and treatment questions! 

Our main treatment house. The main treatment house includes four bedrooms - each with full service bathrooms, two common areas, kitchen, medical office, art studio, and dining room. It is adjacent to our covered outdoor dining and porch area.

Our second treatment house, directly across from our other house. This treatment house includes two bedrooms with full service bathrooms, a common area, kitchen, exercise area, and quiet room, plus a nice porch to watch some of the storms roll in. 

One of our common areas used for relaxation and massage therapy. 

One of our common areas with enough space to relax, read, or play a game of chess or cards. 


One of several treatment rooms, set up to keep you comfortable during your ibogaine treatment session. 

All bedrooms are equipped with a queen size bed and full service bathroom, with hot water. 

We have several client bedrooms, each one offering the same amount of space and amenities. 

We have a ton of land with outdoor tables scattered throughout the property and a bungalow with hammocks to relax on.

Sheltered outdoor bungalow just far enough away from the center that you will be able to get some alone time, guitars and music instruments welcome! 

Our land is expansive and a tropical place for tranquility and rejuvenation.