Alternative Therapy

At Revelations we assist you with all aspects of your ibogaine therapy, including the days after treatment. We offer various massages, meditation, temple visits, Qi Jong, art therapy, and yoga. We are located close to Angkor Wat, one of Asia's most famous and beautiful attractions. We are in the process of adding to our alternative treatment list, so please stay tuned or contact us for more updated information. We work with outpatient psychotherapists who have experience with ibogaine and post ibogaine aftercare and can work with you after your session and after you leave Cambodia. Longer stays and aftercare here with us in Cambodia are also an option. Please speak to us for more information on our integrative programs.

We are also excited to collaborate with NZ Health Retreats. Peter is based in New Zealand and is highly experienced in working with addiction, anxiety, depression, stress, and helping individuals find well-being. He offers 7-28 day stays and has a wide variety of options catered to individuals and their needs. He is now also working with individuals who are coming from Ibogaine Revelations. Please contact us for more information if you are looking for an extended aftercare post treatment.