Alternative Therapy

At Revelations we assist you with all aspects of your ibogaine therapy, including the days after treatment. We believe that learning how to integrate your ibogaine experience is as important as the experience itself. We individually tailor your stay to fit in with your needs, goals, and interests. We currently offer a menu of items for our clients to work with including but not limited to: post ibogaine massages and body work sessions, temple visits, art therapy/creative outlet activities, acupuncture, one on one counseling, float tank therapy, and restorative yoga. We also offer ocean therapy. Ocean therapy, as simple as it sounds, is an individualized tailored program for the final days and extended stays that Shea Prueger has put together to help integrate one back into the world. Ocean therapy is open to all skill levels. For those clients not interested in ocean therapy, we have found a calm integration into nature and the lush greenery we place our centers in, is a subtle and calming way to bring one's experience to their day to day experience. We highly recommended that those coming to liberate themselves from narcotic dependency look into aftercare or ongoing therapy.

Our ibogaine treatment program is highly tailored to each individual. We would like to stress that our program is also modified to the 40-50% of our clients who arrive for psycho-therapeutic sessions (those without narcotic dependency). All alternative therapy is optional and also specified to the individual, their needs, and preferences.

We currently offer 7 - 21 day stays. Individuals seeking treatment for long acting opiates, alcohol, nicotine, and amphetamines oftentimes need more time and we are equipped to facilitate these sessions. We recognize that heading back to one’s original circumstances is oftentimes counterproductive for optimal healing. Noribogaine (ibogaine's metabolite) does a lot of healing, regeneration, and solidification of one's newly refreshed and reset brain state in the first 18-21 days following treatment. Here at Ibogaine Revelations, we want to best assist you with a successful post treatment. Please contact us directly for more information on extended aftercare.