Alternative Therapy

At Revelations we assist you with all aspects of your ibogaine therapy, including the days after treatment. We currently offer post ibogaine massages, temple visits, Qi Jong, art therapy/creative outlet activities, and restorative yoga. We most recently added a one on one (or group if preferred) meditation and breath work program. We are also offering the option of integrating an individualized restorative body work session to kickstart one's refreshed endorphins so that one (specifically long term narcotic users) can more quickly regain strength and motivation in movement, including both body and mind.

We are located close to Angkor Wat, one of Asia's most famous and beautiful attractions. A trip to Angkor Wat, Beng Mealea, or Phnom Kulen is included in our 7 day program. Programs longer than 7 days include a two day trip to Angkor Wat or a combination of the sites around us. For clients who need more recovery time. our center is surrounded by three gorgeous temples. Siem Reap is full of temples and beautiful sites and we are able to accommodate shorter trips to these places.

Our ibogaine treatment program is highly tailored to each individual. We would like to stress that our program is also modified to the 40-50% of our clients who arrive for reasons other than addiction interruption (psycho-therapeutic sessions).  All alternative therapy is optional and also specified to the individual, their needs, and preferences. We recognize that clients might want or need specialized psycho-therapy to assist in processing and integration back to their lives at home. For this reason we offer outpatient psycho-therapy, with individuals who specifically work with people who have undergone the ibogaine process. We are happy to make introductions and facilitate a first session through video chat, giving one the option of continuing outpatient sessions once leaving Cambodia and Ibogaine Revelations. 

Please be patient with us as we expand on our property and put together a true and complete 30 day aftercare program as well as we solidify and add to our alternative therapies in addition to our ibogaine administration. We currently offer 5, 7, 10, and 14 day stays. Individuals seeking treatment for long acting opiates, alcohol, and amphetamines oftentimes need more time and we are equipped to facilitate these sessions. However, as we are solely focused on what we are currently capable of offering; we are excited to collaborate with NZ Health Retreats. Peter is based in New Zealand and is highly experienced in working with addiction, anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, and helping individuals find well-being. For clients arriving from Ibogaine Revelations, he offers 7-14 day stays and has a wide variety of options catered to individuals and their needs. We recognize that one heading back to their original circumstances is oftentimes counterproductive for optimal healing. Noribogaine (ibogaine's metabolite) does a lot of work, regeneration, and solidification of one's newly refreshed and reset brain state in the first 18-21 days following treatment. Here at Ibogaine Revelations, we want to best assist you with a successful post treatment. Please contact us or contact Peter directly for more information on extended aftercare.