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Shea Prueger



Shea Prueger was introduced to ibogaine therapy by Eric Taub who she met while seeking treatment for  suboxone addiction in 2011 while working as a full time fashion model. Following her own transformation, Shea began an apprenticeship at Lex Kogan’s ibogaine facility in Costa Rica.  Since then, Shea Prueger has trained with Dr. Franco Lopez, Dr. Calixto Vargas, and Dr. Sofia Artavia. Prueger has also volunteered at Mind's Alive in Durban, South Africa.  Prueger is most notable for opening the first medically supervised ibogaine center in Asia, Ibogaine Thailand (a branch of I Begin Again in Costa Rica and Prague). As of August 2017, Prueger has teamed up with a couple of talented people and has relocated from working with ibogaine therapy in Thailand to the majestic and healing heart of vibrant Cambodia. 


Mark Lader


Mark Lader was introduced to ibogaine therapy through a psycho-therapeutic treatment in Mexico. Lader believes ibogaine treatment is one of the few things that could positively change the world. Lader brings emotional intellect, compassion, and passion for the medicine to the center. He has been vying to open a center in SE Asia since falling in love with Cambodia a couple of years ago. Lader is proficient in many alternative therapies we will be adding to our program, so stay tuned! 


Ben Witmer


Ben Witmer is a fine artist who is introducing creative outlets to clients pre and post treatment. Witmer is also an excellent chef and is available 24/7 to cook, catering to clients dietary needs and preferences. Witmer is a hands on person, always up for an adventure, and is available to take clients to Cambodian sites - most notably, the majestic temples we are surrounded by. Witmer plays a big role in our longer stay options, offering positive adventures and creative outlets. He's full of positive energy and direction and we are thrilled to add him to the team!


Efran Draco 


Efran has fifteen years civilian and combat medical experience, he served as a combat lifesaver in U.S. military programs. He is certified and proficient in basic trauma and life support, pre-trauma life support, advanced cardiac life support, and pediatric advanced life support. Efran is proficient in administering emergency outpatient medical care, as well as inpatient care. He is proficient and certified in administering medication, stabilizing and triage treatment, en-route life support to a hospital, and supportive care in the event of delayed transport. He is also certified for inpatient clinical care. Efran is our on staff doctor who will be in charge of client intake and pre-treatment protocol and safety. As our medical manager, all staff (nurses and other staff) will be trained by him to handle any situation that could possibly come up. We are really, really lucky to have him on our team. 


Ret Roy


Roy is from Phnom Penh and has a bachelor's degree in nursing. His college transcripts hold impressive straight A's. I organically met Roy at a temple in Siem Reap while I was looking for an English speaker to explain some of what I was seeing. In conversation, he mentioned to me that he had recently moved here, hoping to work with drug addiction. This is when I excitedly found out he was a nurse (and he found out I was looking for a full time nurse) and we set up an interview right away. Roy has been working in hospitals and clinics since 2012. He is experienced with cardiac care and offers empathy and compassion beyond the clinical duties of his job. Roy speaks Khmer, English, and conversational Japanese. He is a big asset for the Khmer people who want to undergo ibogaine treatment.