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Shea Prueger



Shea Prueger was introduced to ibogaine therapy by Eric Taub who she met while seeking treatment for suboxone addiction in 2011 while working as a full time fashion model. Following her own transformation, Shea began an apprenticeship under Lex Kogan at I Begin Again's ibogaine facility in Guatemala and then Costa Rica. Since then, Shea Prueger has trained with Dr. Franco Lopez, Dr. Calixto Vargas, and Dr. Sofia Artavia. Prueger has also volunteered at Mind's Alive in Durban, South Africa. Prueger continued training alongside alongside Erika Florianova (director of I Begin Again: Czech Republic) and learned other healing modalities, focusing on meridian points and opening the doors to one's consciousness before and after ibogaine therapy. Lex Kogan asked Prueger to take over and direct the center in Costa Rica from 2013-2015 following more one on one training with him, after he spent time with his wife and first born child. Prueger is most notable for opening the first medically supervised ibogaine center in Asia, Ibogaine Thailand. She went on to open Cambodia's first ibogaine center, Ibogaine Revelations: Asia. Prueger is currently international and mobile for treatments, basing herself from the east to the west. She has restructured her modality and is focusing on individualized sessions, sometimes only treating one client at a time,  putting the focus on quality over quantity. She is also offering longer stays, alternative healing methods post ibogaine therapy, and is currently developing an aftercare for those interested. Please contact us for options and availability for your ibogaine therapy. Shea Prueger is currently taking sessions in the western hemisphere and pre-booking for Cambodia for the upcoming winter months. We would like to take a moment of appreciation and love for Lex Kogan, who passed away on December 25, 2017. "Lex taught me everything I know and helped me find and then shine a light on the path that was too muddled for me to see on my own, a path I will forever have so much passion for. I miss him every single day and am grateful for the knowledge he passed onto me." - Shea Prueger, January 2018.


Ben Witmer


Ben Witmer is a fine artist who is introducing creative outlets to clients pre and post treatment. Witmer is also an excellent chef and is available 24/7 to cook, catering to clients dietary needs and preferences. Witmer is a hands on person, always up for an adventure and plays a big role in our longer stay options, offering positive adventures and creative outlets. Witmer has taken the roll of logistical operations at the center, keeping our ibogaine treatments logistically functional and organized. He is full of positive energy and direction and is being trained under Shea Prueger. Witmer has been training under Prueger since August 2017, he is currently playing a more active role in sessions. Witmer's sensitive and empathetic nature is key for patient trust and comfortability. 


Eric Taub


Eric Taub is instrumental to the ibogaine community and the pioneer of bringing ibogaine to America. Taub was also Prueger's introduction to ibogaine and mentor when she started her apprenticeship with I Begin Again. Taub plays an important role in helping prospective clients decide if they are the right fit for our program. He provides post ibogaine outpatient therapy. His website has a section of press and media that would be too lengthy to list here, so click here to read more!